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The purpose of the Riding Association is to organize for electoral, political, educational purposes, and to nominate candidates for electoral office. The riding association also recruits new members and carries out administrative work required by the party and Elections Canada. The executive and members also have a key role in internal NDP processes, sending delegates to party conventions and advancing policy positions within the NDP.

The Hamilton Centre Federal NDP Riding Association was revamped in 2020 with the intention of: building capacity in Hamilton Centre, increasing transparency, skill-sharing, and focussing on growth. As a member of the NDP and the Hamilton Centre Riding Association, there are a variety of ways to engage with the Riding Association, through our committees, events, actions, and volunteering.

Committees include:

  • Bylaw Committee 
  • Membership Committee 
  • Fundraising and Merchandise Sub-committee
  • Training Sub-committee 
  • Projects Sub-committee
  • Communications and Social Media Committee
  • Finance Committee


Executive Committee

Members of the Executive help coordinate the Riding Association’s committees, engage in fundraising, and develop voter contact and outreach. They also work to support the growth and engagement of the membership as well as the nomination of a candidate to serve as the Member of Parliament for Hamilton Centre.

Each year, at the Riding Association’s annual general meeting, members have an opportunity to review the previous year’s work, strategize for the year to follow, and run for Executive positions. The Riding Association Executive meets monthly throughout the year. All members in good standing are invited to Executive meetings; contact us for the date and location of the next meeting. Please note, only members of the Executive can vote at meetings. 

Constitution & Bylaws

The constitution and by-laws for the Hamilton Centre Federal NDP Riding Association will be reviewed and ratified by the membership at the next AGM.

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